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I have something simple right now, userdb schema is:

  • userid - autoincrement id email
  • email address
  • password

I want to incorporate Facebook and twitter, how would i deal with it on the DB side?

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You can do this many ways, either you store most of the data in a generic usertable (as you are about to) and the provider details separated.

Or you make a design where you can connect multiple logins to same user. This will end up with something like

  • id user
  • id facebookuser (nullable)
  • id twitteruser (nullable)

This will maybe get you N many e-mail adresses (and still no password! since you arent the provider of the account); or none at all. It depends how much this user trust you in each provider.

Edit: You might also want to normalize the data without nullables. You can do this by having

  • id_user
  • id_facebookuser id_user
  • id_twitteruser id_user
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