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I'm just upgrading my app to Rails 3 and as I have to rewrite my routing anyway, I'm taking some time to improve my named routes.

I have an invoices controller which has a trash action (/invoices/trash lists all invoices in trash). I want to access this through a named route (i.e. trash_url) for simplicity in my views.

I can achieve this easily enough with the following

match "/invoices/trash" => "invoices#trash", :as => :trash

What I want to know is if there is a way of doing this within the block where I define the routes for my invoice controller. I have tried the following and it doesn't work.

resources :invoices do
  collection do
    get :trash, :as => :trash

Is what I am trying to do possible or do I have to define my named route outside of this block?


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The method you list (shown below) works fine for me, it generates trash_invoices_path and trash_invoices_url helper methods.

resources :invoices do
  collection do
    get :trash, :as => :trash

You can make methods in your application controller named trash_url and trash_path that just call and return the path from the generated methods mentioned above if you have a need to use those specific method names instead of the generated ones.

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Ah, OK I get it now. I should have looked through my rake routes more carefully and seen that it was the way the route is named that I didn't understand. – brad Mar 30 '11 at 2:14

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