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I have an HTML page. When I click a button, I'd like to trigger a Save HTML page kinda thing so that I'll be able to save the opened web page. I'd also like to know if this is possible using the jquery / javascript.

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HTML pages do not have access to the filesystem. This would be a security issue. The user needs to save the file manually.

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With IE, it's simple as IE implements document.execCommand:

document.execCommand("SaveAs", false, "Test.html");

MSDN has an clear example of this.

If you're interested in having it work on other browsers, there doesn't seem to be any client-side programming that will invoke the Save dialogue box.

Using, server-side code, you can have the button retrieve the same page with the following change in the HTTP header sent with the response:

Content-disposition: attachment; filename=filename.ext

(where filename.ext is obviously the name of your file).

The first example in the PHP documentation for the header() function shows how to invoke the download dialog for a PDF, and Microsoft has another support page with an example for ASP.

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