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I want to write a stored procedure for my Tables that have a similar format

for example

tbl#Students(id int,name nvarchar(100))
tbl#Teachers(id int,name nvarchar(100))

This code is not correct but discuss my purpose

declare @b nvarchar(100)
set @b='TBL#Students'
declare @a nvarchar(100)
set @a= 'select * from '+@b
exec @a
//Error : Could not find stored procedure 'select * from TBL#Motamem'.

What is the correct code?

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Try this:


If the parentheses are omitted, sql-server will consider @a as a stored procedure.

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Thanks it works –  ramezani.saleh Mar 30 '11 at 5:31

Add parenthesis after exec:

declare @b nvarchar(100) 
set @b='alerts' 
declare @a nvarchar(100) 
set @a= 'select * from '+@b 
exec (@a )
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An alternative to the previous answers would be:

Exec sp_executesql @a
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