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Can anyone suggest a good shared web hosting service with the following requirements:

  • asp.net 3.0+
  • sql server 2005+ and more than 1 gig space
  • reliable!
  • not too expensive (i know this is relative)
  • good customer service

right now i am with webhost4life.com and i was pretty happy with them but lately they've been problematic. for example, today they've been down for a few hours and it looks like they're inundated with problems because their "guaranteed" online help is unavailable and their cust service line is constantly busy

i think it's time for me to move on to a better host

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I can't recommend Discount ASP enough. For what you're asking for, they provide it all and cheap. Plus, they have a wide range of extras that you can add in like MS SQL 2008.

I'll admit that their website is ugly; however, I believe that they offer the greatest range of Microsoft features for the best price.

Certainly there is no perfect hosting provider, but this is my strong recommendation. Good luck!

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I believe SO is hosted on CrystalTech

you can find more info here: Favorite web host

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