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This may be a silly question but when comparing a local to remote file, what is the path to the remote file?
Does hg want you to provide the head/revision you are referring to or something?


hg diff /local/file /remote?/file?
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Mercurial doesn't do this. The only comparison with other repositories is hg incoming and hg outgoning which show which changesets differ between repositories. You can add the --patch option to either of those to see the patches that are the meat of those changesets, but you can't compare two versions of a file without having them in the same local clone.

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From Hg man

hg diff [OPTION]... ([-c REV] | [-r REV1 [-r REV2]]) [FILE]...

I am not sure if you can speak about a "remote file" in a DVCS: you need to fetch or clone a remote repo in order to be able to make any hg diff.
hg fetch, for instance, is described here.

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Fetch is really recommended against these days. One should use pull, and if you just can't stand two steps pull -u. – Ry4an Mar 30 '11 at 14:14
@Ry4an: agreed, and +1 on your answer. – VonC Mar 30 '11 at 14:30

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