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I'm trying to edit documents (MultiMarkdown), that will do an auto-fill on paragraphs that are not indented 4 spaces, and will NOT do an auto-fill on paragraphs that ARE indented 4 spaces.

Where should I start to look to figure out how to code this?

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You are going to need fill-paragraph, if, probably progn, probably string=, save-excursion, forward-paragraph, backward-paragraph and perhaps a few more. All of these can be read up if you do M-x describe-function and supply it the name.

As for the how, it is in your question. If the paragraph begins with 4 blank space letters, fill-paragraph.

Does that answer? Have I missed anything?

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Where should I start to look to figure out how to code this?

I think this is too general a question to answer. We don't know anything about your background in programming. Do you know Lisp? Do you know elisp? How well do you know Emacs? Do you know about advice? etc.

Programming in Emacs is well documented (introduction and reference). I suggest you start playing around with the fill- functions - when you run into more concrete problems with that, I'm sure it will be easier for people to help you out.

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