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Quickly getting into the code, below is markup for the accordian which hosts the topic headline as header for each pane and contents of which are comments to be moderated.

 <ajaxToolkit:Accordion runat="server" id="accCommentTrash" fadetransitions="true"
                                    selectedindex="-1" requireopenedpane="false" autosize="None" headercssclass="accTitle"
                                            Title:(<%# ((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["Title"]%>)</h4>
                                        <asp:Repeater runat="server" id="rptrComments" datasource='<%# ((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem).CreateChildView("CommentRelation") %>'>
                                                <ul class="comment_trash">
                                                <li id='<%#  new Utilities().encrypt(((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["CommentId"].ToString()) %>'
                                                    name='<%# new Utilities().encrypt(((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["CommentId"].ToString()) %>'>
                                                    <asp:Label id="lblCommentor" runat="server" text='<%# ((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["AuthorName"] %>'
                                                    <span>Commented on </span><a href='?id=<%# new Utilities().encrypt(((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["BoardId"].ToString())%>'
                                                        title="Click to view board" class="">
                                                        <%# ((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["Title"] %>
                                                        <asp:Label runat="server" id="lblComment" text='<%# ((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["Comment"] %>'
                                                        Trashed about
                                                        <%# GetTimeSpan(DateTime.Now,((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["ModifiedOn"].ToString()) %>
                                                        hours ago, Commented on
                                                        <%# DateTime.Parse(((System.Data.DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["CreatedOn"].ToString()).ToLongDateString() %>

and below is the javascript event that i attach to the list items that show the comments to be moderated. Just that click events on them don't work anymore just the mouseover and mouseout.

   //comment restore
        if ($get("<%= accCommentTrash.ClientID%>")) {
            var li = $get("<%= accCommentTrash.ClientID%>").getElementsByTagName("li");
            for (iloopCounter = 0; iloopCounter < li.length; iloopCounter++) {
                $addHandlers(li[iloopCounter], {
                    mouseover: ul_li_hover,
                    mouseout: ul_li_hover

below is the restore comment function,

function restoreComment(evnt){

Now what am i doing wrong, here . Firebug shows me the list of events but the events don't fire :(

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This was due to the Fact that Accordian had prevented the event from occurring by calling event.preventDefault when method occured. I changed the control to repeater and solved it

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