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Can i apply 2 classes to a single div or span or any html element? For example:

<a class="c1" class="c2">aa</a>

I tried and in my case c2 does not get applied. How can i apply both classes at once?

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1) Use multiple classes inside the class attribute, separated by whitespace (ref):

<a class="c1 c2">aa</a>

2) To target elements that contain all of the specified classes, use this CSS selector (no space) (ref):

.c1.c2 {
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Include both class strings in a single class attribute value, with a space in between.

<a class="c1 c2" > aa </a>
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As others have pointed out, you simply delimit them with a space.

However, knowing how the selectors work is also useful.

Consider this piece of HTML...

<div class="a"></div>
<div class="b"></div>
<div class="a b"></div>

Using .a { ... } as a selector will select the first and third. However, if you want to select one which has both a and b, you can use the selector .a.b { ... }. Note that this won't work in IE6, it will simply select .b (the last one).

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<a class="c1 c2">aa</a>
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