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I have an HTML page where the body tag has CSS padding-left and padding-right applied. I'd like the page footer div to be 100% width of the page though, without the body padding applied. Is there a good/easy way of doing this ?

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You mean footer width = body.width + 10px + 10px? –  Salman A Mar 30 '11 at 6:49
Yeah I could do that with javascript, but I was thinking there was probably a CSS way I was missing too. –  mikel Mar 30 '11 at 6:52

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You could apply a negative margin to the inside container to negate the padding

<body style="padding:0 40px">
<div style="width:100%;margin:0 -40px">&nbsp</div>
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does not work if the elements need to be responsive (%-width) –  Sumit May 16 '13 at 20:14

If you give the footer a left and right margin that is a negative amount, of equal size to the padding of the body, then it will counter the body's padding.

body {
.footer {
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Not sure if that is for your case specifically, but i had a form (trying to code for responsive), width:100% and needed padding in inputfields so the solution was

form {
   margin: 0px 3%;
   width: 94%;
input:valid, textarea:valid {
   width: inherit;
   padding: 15px;

Inherit on fields just did the trick. (Only tested in chrome)

Update: noticed that this breaks graphical layout with some pixels, also here is a good illustration: http://theturninggate.net/2012/01/better-responsive-forms/

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