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A little help from those who’ve used Timthumb before.


This image should be tinted red because of the GET parameter f=5,255,0,0,0. This is tinted red when I do it locally, but it no filters are applied when it’s online.

There’re no PHP errors showing up, and the uploaded code is already tested locally without a hitch. The permissions of the folders are correct, the file is locally available, the PHP version is high enough 5.2.10, GD is supported, in short, everything looks okay.

Anyone got a clue why this is happening? I couldn’t find anything online about this.

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did you find the correct answer? i'm having the same problem works locally but not remotely, my timthumb suffixed like so - '&h=260&w=348&zc=1&f=2|3,-40|5,72,60,44,1' –  Cam Feb 19 '12 at 21:07
Hey @Cam, check out my own answer below :) –  Benjamin Mar 29 '12 at 6:04

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Timthumb filters require PHP's bundled GD library to be used since this version include some necessary GD functions which are not included in the non-bundled ones. More specifically, PHP with a bundled GD library should show these statements as TRUE:

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