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Do you have some opinion for code coverage in Hudson.. Now i have build with Msbuild and MSTest and that's work.

But for code coverage, i think i need some help. I have searched that somebody use nCover another with Emma. Which one is better and more easier ? And maybe reference to help me.

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Are you .NET (NCover) or Java (Emma) or both?

NCover should work with Hudson but costs

Open Source projects exist look for PartCover and more recently OpenCover.

All three .NET tools support command-line and as such they should integrate with Hudson.

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We are currently using dotCover by JetBrains. It's cheaper than NCover and it integrates well with Visual Studio. You don't have to use a separate application (NCover Explorer) to view your code with the covered/uncovered highlighting, which is great.

The command line version of dotCover allows you to create XML files of the analysis and you can parse the XML via <XmlRead> (in the MSBuild Community Tasks library) to parse the output.

It takes a while to get set up properly, but it works.

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