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I want to build a heavy ajax web2.0 app and I don't have javascript, django or ruby on rails. I have some experience with python. I am not sure which one to choose. I have a backend database and have to run few queries for each page, no big deal. So, I am looking for a choice which is quite easy to learn and maintain in the future.

Thank you

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I'm not sure if this meets the guidelines for a valid question on here.

If you know any Python go with Django, if you know any Ruby go with Rails.

From my understanding Rails is a bit more opinionated when it comes to JavaScript. In other words it comes bundled with a bunch of helpers to make it simpler to Ajaxify your code. Django on the other hand leaves it up to you to choose your own framework. (Note: I'm no expert on Django, but have been informed as much)

Rails comes bundled with Prototype, works equally well with jQuery and in the master codebase they have already switched jQuery to be the default in preparation for the next release.

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ROR has much better community activity. It's easier to learn without learning ruby (i do not recommend that way, but yes - you can write in ROR barely understanding ruby).

About performance: ruby 1.8 was much slower than python. But maybe ruby 1.9 is faster.

If you want to build smart ajax application and you understand javascript it does not matter which framework you will use. If not or you are lazy - ROR have some aid to ajax requests. Also take a note about django /admin/ :)

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We've had a blast developing with Django/Jquery, and development, in our opinion, is easier, faster. That being said, we tend to go with Django because of Python's raw power and reliability. Not to say ROR doesn't have similar strengths, but we get "stuck" more often than not when using ROR than when using Django.

If it's a small-ish web app and you're not worried about production deployment on a significant level then go with ROR. If you're looking for something better equipped, more reliable and more conducive to development then go with Django.

Keep in mind, though, that this all boils down to what you know, what you're most comfortable with. If you know a bit of Python go with Django, but know that Ruby is just as easy to pick up if you'd rather go that direction.

They're both win/win really.

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If you like Rails but want to stick with Python, you might also consider web2py, which is probably the Python framework that is the most like Rails (it was inspired by Rails, as well as Django). Ajax is particularly easy in web2py -- it comes bundled with jQuery, the scaffolding application includes a lot of built-in Ajax functionality, and you can build pages from components that operate via Ajax.

I think you'll find that web2py is even easier to learn and use than Rails and Django. It's very quick to get started -- just download, unzip, and run it. It requires no installation or configuration and has no dependencies. There's a very helpful mailing list if you have any questions.

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