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How can I create a .tar archive of a file (say /root/bugzilla) on a remote machine and store it on a local machine. SSH-KEYGEN is installed, so I can by pass authentication.

I am looking for something along the lines of:

tar -zcvf Localmachine_bugzilla.tar.gz /root/bugzilla
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possible duplicate of Remote Linux server to remote linux server dir copy. How? – Peter G. Mar 30 '11 at 8:17
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ssh <host> tar -zcvf - /root/bugzilla > bugzilla.tar.gz

avoids an intermediary copy.

See also this post for a couple of variants: Remote Linux server to remote linux server dir copy. How?

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Something like:

ssh <host> tar -zcvf bugzilla.tar.gz /root/bugzilla
scp <host>:bugzilla.tar.gz Localmachine_bugzilla.tar.gz

Or, if you are compressing it just for the sake of transfer, scp compression option can be useful:

scp -R -C <host>:/root/bugzilla .

This is going to copy the whole /root/bugzilla directory using compression on the wire.

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