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I want to customize the creation of a TFS project using TFS 2010 SDK. I have already create a process template and use this sample, but I want to create a specific directory tree for the new team project base on a XML file which describe the tree. My problem is this message; The array must contain at least one element.

Parameter name: checkinParameters.PendingChanges

I initialize the TFS, map the server folder with a local folder and create directories in both.

fooString = Array.Find<WorkingFolder>(workspace.Folders, m => m.ServerItem.Contains("$/FR_DEV"));     

Directory.CreateDirectory(fooString.ServerItem + ElementTfsPath);

After that:

PendingChange[] PendingChanges = workspace.GetPendingChanges();
// Checkin the items we added
int changesetForAdd = workspace.CheckIn(PendingChanges, "Project creation.");

However, I get an error for the pending change! How can I fix this?

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my problem was that i need to add the directory in the workspace not with a simple path

workspace.PendAdd(currentSubDirectory, true);
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For more detail from NgM on that issue:… –  Jonathan Nov 21 '11 at 10:14

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