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I am planning to create cursorjoiner for my app. I would like to join the Display name and Email id using the cursorjoiner. I am trying on Android 1.6.

When I query for the Email Id list, I get an exception as :

03-30 13:08:15.609: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(302): Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid column person

My code is as below

String[] projection1 = new String[] {
} ;

String[] projection2 = new String[] {
} ;

Cursor cur = cr.query(People.CONTENT_URI, projection1, null, null, null);
Cursor emailCur = cr.query( Contacts.ContactMethods.CONTENT_EMAIL_URI, 
                                null, null, null); 

I checked the docs it says PERSON_ID is a valid entry.

Also, if I use the same column as a parameter inside a query it works.

emailCur = cr.query( Contacts.ContactMethods.CONTENT_EMAIL_URI,
                     Contacts.ContactMethods.PERSON_ID + " = ?", 
                     new String[]{id}, null);

Can any one tell what parameter should I use in projection to achieve this.

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Contacts is depreciated, use ContactsContract instead.

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I know that it is deprecated starting from 2.0. I am doing for 1.6. Hence it is still active. Kindly let me know any other way of doing this. Thanks – Vinay Mar 31 '11 at 8:11

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