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I am trying to make a bookmarklet that will return a user id for a website i am registered for. When logged into the website there is a piece of code as follows:

<input id="memberID" name="00V85345345343ugFFC" type="hidden" value="3959721"/>

This is the JavaScript i am using but it doesnt do anything. AmI doing something wrong here?

javascript:alert("Your member ID is\n"+document.getElementById("memberID")[0].value);
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document.getElementById returns a HTMLElement or null if no element was found matching that ID.

Because element ID's are supposed to be unique, it makes no sense to return an Array; a maximum of one element should be matched.

javascript:alert("Your member ID is\n"+document.getElementById("memberID").value);

document.getElementsByTagName however, for example (note the plural of elements, rather than element), returns an array of elements; as it makes perfect sense to have more than one element of the same tag in a page.

var divElements = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
if (divElements.length) {
    var firstElement = divElements[0];
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thank you worked! –  FAFAFOHI Mar 30 '11 at 8:48

getElementById returns single element, not array of elements.

So this:


Must become just:

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thank you for your input –  FAFAFOHI Mar 30 '11 at 8:48

Maby this will help abit in cleaning up that error:


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