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I have two questions about simple_form rails gem.


Is there a better way to automatically translate static array from model in input collection?

OPTIONS = [:val1,:val2,:val3] #constant from my model:
#for now i'm doing this:        
f.collection_radio :model_attribute, MyModel::OPTIONS .collect { |o| [t(o, :scope=>[:activerecord, :attributes, :MyModel]), "#{o}"] }, :last, :first %>
  1. How i can display bitmask attribute with checkboxes? (Bruce bitmask)

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1) simple_form supports I18n for options. You just pass an array of symbols and the translations will be looked up as follows:

          val1: 'Value 1'
          val2: 'Value 2'
          val3: 'Value 3'

2) f.input :roles, :as => :check_boxes, :collection => User.values_for_roles, translate as above

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  1. f.input :attribute, :collection => YourModel::OPTIONS.collect
  2. f.input :roles, :as => :check_boxes, :collection => User.roles.collect
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