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So I have a situation where a user can do a reload or close the browser tab. In both situations I want the script to take different actions. Is there a way I can differentiate between a reload, which generates an onUnload followed by an onLoad event, and closing of the tab by user (which generates an onUnload event)?

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id' recommend storing some value the browser when onUnload fires, so you can check for this value in the onLoad handler.

see this question for info on storing data in the browser

additionally, you might save some timestamp to check how much time has elapsed between onUnload and onLoad, making sure it's actually a 'reload'.

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In my scenario, if it is a reload I needed to stop browser's action there only and not let it proceed with onUnload(which I realized cannot be done as onUnload is not cancel-able) –  Kartik Rustagi Mar 30 '11 at 10:45

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