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Apologies if this is somewhat of a duplicate question, I did see others but I didn't quite find what I was looking for.

You can see my code in the following jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/ZnWMq/

As you can see, I have named my drop-downs tags[], values[] and operands[] - i.e. as arrays so that whatever PHP page we set as the action of the form will be able to process the dynamically added drop-downs.

I'm just a bit confused on how to split out the values once they are sent to the page dealing with the form submission so if anyone can shed some light I would be very grateful.




Hi, thanks for your replies.

so far I have changed the action of the form to advancedsearch.php using the POST method and here is the code:

    $tags = $_POST['tags'];
    $operands = $_POST['operands'];
    $values = $_POST['values'];

   foreach ($tags as $t)
       echo "$t<br />";

   foreach ($operands as $o) 
       echo "$o<br />";

  foreach ($values as $v) 
      echo "$v<br />";


This gets the values ok but it just needs tweaked so I can get it into a format for querying a MySQL database, so something like SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE tag1 operand1 value1 radio_button_value(AND or OR) tag2 operand2 value2 radio_button_value etc

Hope that makes sense.

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So when you click 'Advanced Search' you want to get the values of the <select>s ? –  Alex Thomas Mar 30 '11 at 9:01
Yes, to get all the values and get it into a format in order to query a MySQL database. –  martincarlin87 Mar 30 '11 at 9:33

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So when you click 'Advanced Search' you want to get the values of the s ? – Alex Thomas 6 mins ago

If this is the case, then this should help: http://jsfiddle.net/ZnWMq/1/

I've done the code to work on the clicking of a span as i didn't want to disrupt your code. Heres my code:

    tags = $("select[name='tags[]'] option:selected").val();
    operands = $("select[name='operands[]'] option:selected").val();
    values = $("select[name='values[]'] option:selected").val();
    output = tags+" "+operands+" "+values;

If this is not what you're after, i'll try again :)

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Hi Alex, thanks for your reply, I've made an update to my question. Just realised I haven't supplied the radio button value to the php page just incase you get confused! I've got it submitting to a separate PHP page but would be nice to do it using AJAX instead once we have ironed out how to get it into a query. –  martincarlin87 Mar 30 '11 at 9:22

In this case you will receive 3 post variables as arrays and they should have equal length (in term of count). You will need code like that:

$filterCount = count($_POST['tags']);
$filters = array();

for ($i = 0; $i < $filterCount; $i++) {
    $filters[] = array('tag' => $_POST['tags'][$i], 'operand' => $_POST['operands'][$i], 'value' => $_POST['values'][$i]);

Also you can try different approach. For example you can use different name for each filter like that:

<select name="filter1[tag]" class="tags">

<select name="filter1[operand]" class="operands">

<select name="filter1[value]" class="values">

When you clone the filter you have to change the name to filterN.

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managed it by doing the following:


$tags = $_POST['tags'];
$operands = $_POST['operands'];
$values = $_POST['values'];
$cat = $_POST['cat'];

print "<pre>";
print_r ($_POST);

$query .="WHERE ";

for ($counter=0 ; $counter < count($tags) ; $counter++)

    if ($counter>0)
        $query .= "$cat ";

    $query .= sprintf("%s %s '%s' ", $tags[$counter] , $operands[$counter] ,   
    $values[$counter]) ;

echo "$query";

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