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i want to drop a database in oracle 10g..

i saw the command DROP database.

How to run this query and drop database.

If i tried this query, it is showing error as invalid query.

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Oracle documentation states:

Dropping a database involves removing its datafiles, redo log files, control files, and initialization parameter files. The DROP DATABASE statement deletes all control files and all other database files listed in the control file. To use the DROP DATABASE statement successfully, all of the following conditions must apply:

The database must be mounted and closed.

The database must be mounted exclusively--not in shared mode.

The database must be mounted as RESTRICTED.

An example of this statement is:


The DROP DATABASE statement has no effect on archived log files, nor does it have any effect on copies or backups of the database. It is best to use RMAN to delete such files. If the database is on raw disks, the actual raw disk special files are not deleted.

If you used the Database Configuration Assistant to create your database, you can use that tool to delete (drop) your database and remove the files.

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how to do this using code in c#.net? –  curiosity Mar 30 '11 at 10:41
I just know how to drop database using admin role in oracle. For information related to c#.net please find the answer in the internet. If there is answer, please post here for other can learn. –  Nathanphan Mar 30 '11 at 12:52

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