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Im about to start building some software to manage my college notes, a simple web GUI , which will allow me to create folders for each subject and upload my course notes to those folders so that i have all my notes stored easily online and i can them access from anywhere, rather than go to each lecturers individual page to download them - or more likely hunting them down just before exams :)

I've a cool domain to host it on, so would open it up for public use, i know a good few people already who would like to avail of this.

My question is, before i start to hand code it, is there anything currently in the market or that can be hacked together to achieve this already?

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There are online file storage services, such as Dropbox. They work quite well and are easy to use... –  Felix Kling Mar 30 '11 at 9:35

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Check out http://eyeos.com/

eyeOS is a disruptive desktop entirely usable from a web browser. It includes an office suite and some collaboration aplications, as well as a full framework to develop new web apps as if they were desktop apps. It's Free and Open Source & so you can host your own system, keeping all your data under your control.

With just an Internet capable device you can access all your files, no matter where you are. That is, just open your eyeOS desktop in an Internet café in Paris. Travel to Sydney and open your eyeOS system from another computer. It is exactly the same desktop, with all your documents and applications available.

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You can try one of this open source tools :

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