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dT/dt=(1.344-1.025T)/h (1)

dh/dt=0.025-(3.5*10^-4)*sqrt(h) (2)



I have to solve this system of equations in fortran. I solved the problem in matlab but I dont know fortran programming so guys if somebody can help me or somebody have the fortran code for this help me please please please thanks a lot

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Try Rent-A-Coder. This isn't a "do my homework" site. Read enough Fortran to try something and post it when you have problems. You'll get further with that approach. –  duffymo Mar 30 '11 at 9:34

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Try it with Euler integration. Do something simple first. You have one advantage: you've solved this once, so you know what the answer looks like when you get it.

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