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I work a lot with WPF, and have lots of files in a project which makes navigation sometimes a bugger. I tried to write a macro that helps me at it, but I haven't managed doing so far after struggling a few hours. And not using VB at all, it makes it a bit harder. Maybe someone can push me into the right direction, or help me out to accomplish it.

What I try to achieve is the following macro:

  • Retreive the selected text

-> CType(objDocument.Object, EnvDTE.TextDocument).Selection

  • Check if the word starts with 'Controllername'

-> text.Startswith("Controllername"))

  • Remove double qoutes

-> Text.Replace(Chr(34), "").Split("/")

  • Search for the file in the project where the function is located
  • Go to the line number of that function

The reason why I want to create this macro is because of the fact that in WPF, I use actionlinks which refer to a "controller/action", which is in stringformat. With this macro I could select the "controller/action" text, hit the keybinding, and go to the function (or display an error for instance if it doesn't exist).

Thanks for the input in advance! :)

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