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How to get document height and width in pure javascript i.e without using jquery. I know about $(document).height() and $(document).width(), but i want to do this in javascript.

I meant page's height and width.

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+1 for using JS –  Erik Aigner Jan 30 '14 at 11:00

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var height = document.body.clientHeight;
var width = document.body.clientWidth;

Check: this article for better explanation.

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This is not cross browser. You should have tested this before posting it. –  user352353 Mar 9 '14 at 20:47

Even the last example given on http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/javascript/browserwindow is not working on Quirks mode. Easier to find than I thought, this seems to be the solution(extracted from latest jquery code):

Math.max(document.documentElement["clientWidth"], document.body["scrollWidth"], document.documentElement["scrollWidth"], document.body["offsetWidth"], document.documentElement["offsetWidth"]);

just replace Width for "Height" to get Height.

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You can try also:

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Be careful of using these in things like window resize events. they have to calculate the height & width, which takes a while. –  Miles Jul 24 '14 at 19:48

You should use getBoundingClientRect as it usually works cross browser and gives you sub-pixel precision on the bounds rectangle.

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This should work for all browsers/devices:

function getActualWidth()
    var actualWidth = window.innerWidth ||
                      document.documentElement.clientWidth ||
                      document.body.clientWidth ||

    return actualWidth;
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If you want to get the full width of the page, including overflow, use document.body.scrollWidth.

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