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I have this code:

          rules: { 'input_name': { email: true} },
          messages: { 'input_name': "Is not an email" }          })      });   
 <form id="clar">
 Escribe ALGO <input name='input_name' type="text" ">     
   <input type="submit" >  

If I dont insert a email addres, an error is showed, and.. the class "error" is added to the input element.

Why is added that class to the input? How to avoid it?



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Clearly the plugin (which you dont link to or show any source from) is designed to add a class of 'error' to the input when it fails, probably so you can use CSS to turn it red, or bold, or whatever to highlight the problem to a user.

If you don't want it to do anything, just don't define any CSS for 'error' and nothing will happen.

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