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I am working on a project about a simple main menu interface for a mobile phone. Currently I am working on C++. I want to manipulate signals from the inputs I've typed from command line input. For example when I type "1" and press enter, I want the program to take it as a signal and do the slot operation. Here is the corresponding piece of my code:

    class MainMenu : public QDialog, private Ui::MainMenu

        void setContactsSelected(int);

public slots:
        void goToContacts(int);

        void contactsSelected(int);


void MainMenu::setContactsSelected(int a)
    emit contactsSelected(a);

MainMenu::MainMenu(QDialog *parent)
    QObject::connect( this, SIGNAL( contactsSelected(int) ), this, SLOT( goToContacts(int) ) );

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I assume you have already produced the code to read the users input from the command line interface (CLI). Something like:

std::string str; 
std::getline( std::cin, str);

And have a function to parse the user input

int input2int (const string &input) {
  stringstream ss(input);
  int number;

  if (!(ss >> num).fail() && (ss >> ws).eof())
      return num


Now you only have to call your function setContactsSelected(int) passing as parameter the user's input or emit the signal void contactsSelected(int) directly.

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