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i have worked on a culture switch control and i need to modify the ViewContext.RouteData("culture") to check if the view exists anyway when i do the following

Dim routeData As RouteData = ViewContext.RouteData
routeData.Values.Add("culture", cultureValue)

then the original ViewContext.RouteData is changed when i change the routeData.

I have tested to do the following to but no success

Dim tempViewContext As New ViewContext(ViewContext.Controller.ControllerContext, ViewContext.View, ViewContext.ViewData, ViewContext.TempData, ViewContext.Writer)
Dim routeData As RouteData = tempViewContext.RouteData
routeData.Values.Add("culture", cultureValue)

Do anyone know how to copy the ViewContext to a temporary object and changing the values without changing the original ViewContext values?

Edit: The only way i know work is to change the routeData then check if it exists and after it change the routeData back to the original culture... was hopping there were a another way but it works for know.

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RouteData is supposed to be readonly. If you want to change the culture you could create a new request. So for example if you had the following route:

    new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", culture = UrlParameter.Optional }

you could send a new request: /Home/Index/fr-FR which will modify the corresponding route parameter.

Here's a nice article about localization that I would recommend you reading.

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I already know of the article but what i was trying to do was check if the view exists im using a view engine who use the following syntax ~/views/Home/fr-FR/index and i need to know if it exists before building the link to the culture. But then i need the routeData to chance its culture to use Dim viewResult As ViewEngineResult = ViewEngines.Engines.FindView(New ControllerContext(Context, routeData, Controller), viewName, masterName) Return If(viewResult.View IsNot Nothing, True, False) –  Robert Ghafoor Mar 30 '11 at 11:27

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