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Im attempting to round a few variables to 2 decimal places but am having issues

When i use the toFixed() on just the totalprice variable it works find (obviously shipping doesnt round) but when I have it like below (.toFixed on shipping var) javascript console gives me this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object 219.863.80 has no method 'toFixed'
(anonymous function)hg-buy.html:436

219.86 is the value of price, 63.80 is the price of shipping so it looks like it is concatenating but i cannot work out how to fix it.

Thanks in advance

Code Below

function updatePrices() {
var price = $('select_1').getValue();
var shipping = $('shippingValue').getValue();
var quantity = $('select_3').getValue();
var totalshipping = (shipping * quantity).toFixed(2);

var totalprice = ((price * quantity)+(totalshipping)).toFixed(2);

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I have been down THAT road before. Doing a coherent shopping basket based upon DOM values and money is NOT a good idea, it won't scale well. every redesign you do = break. Introduce a new currency = break. Introduce vouchers = break. Introduce carbon offset = break. Try to separate your basket logic from it's visual representation and build a small class with some methods like: getBasket (reads cookie or session data and stores them as local objects / numbers), addToBasket, removeFromBasket, updateBasket and finally, outputBasket to export it back to the DOM / and or form elements. –  Dimitar Christoff Mar 30 '11 at 11:10
the other thing you don't want to do is pass values computed clientside to your server. pass id references. ids of products -> db lookup -> prices. ids of shipping methods -> cost. eg of a failed checkout is say, freeparking.co.uk where domain renewals are often of 2 years or more, defined by a dropdown with no. of years. using firebug to change the dropdown values, you can renew your domain for 1 year only. –  Dimitar Christoff Mar 30 '11 at 13:31

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var totalshipping = (parseFloat(shipping) * parseFloat(quantity)).toFixed(2);
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The classic mistake: getValue returns a string, and not a number. And + concatenates two strings: 'string' + 'string' = 'stringstring';... –  Martijn Mar 30 '11 at 10:30

I suggest using some library for handling decimal values properly otherwise you may end up losing some cents here and there. (Of course this is only necessary if you care about those cents.)

You can look at this question.

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