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I would like to integrate OpenFeint in an Android application, because I have an existing iPhone game that I would like to interact with.

However, when I try to add OpenFeint in my Android project, the sample OpenFeint project is not running in Eclipse. I get an error that says that the "OpenFeintSampleApi" is not found. What could be causing this? Does anyone have better instructions for using OpenFeint?

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This article was helpful for me: Getting Started with OF Android 1.10.2: 4. Integrate OpenFeint Into Your Game

A few things to be aware of that the article doesn't mention; make sure the OpenFeint project you import has a compiler compliance level of 1.6 (Project > Properties > Java Compiler) or you'll get errors about the @Override annotations.

Another thing it doesn't mention is referencing the OpenFeint project as a library project. Right click your project > Properties > Android > Library > Add... and select the OpenFeint project.

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See above link ,this can help you.

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