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If I need send some letter to 2 people, how can I do this? I found docs in web, but I don't understand them, can you show me and explain me using simple language?

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def send_mail_persons(user)
  @user = user
  mail :to => @user.email, :subject => "Amusement.", :from => MAIL_ADDRESS

Here i have called the method send_mail_persons and passed the recipients info as a parameter.Also there is a simple way..

def send_mail_persons
  mail :to => MAILING_ADDRESS, :subject => "Amusement.", :from => MAIL_ADDRESS

and define both MAILING_ADDRESS and MAIL_ADDRESS in the constants.


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Hope it helps and this is what you asked for... –  GhostRider Mar 30 '11 at 11:59
api.rubyonrails.org ..mailer is better explained here –  GhostRider Mar 30 '11 at 12:02
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Best you can find is Ryan's Railscast:


Also good guide is here:


Actually you can read there not just about ActionMailer but about whole Rails kitchen.

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