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I'm trying to read in a delimited csv called 'StabilityResults.csv' and create a bar plot of column 7 with x-labels from column 0. Getting the labels from column 0 is not a problem but reading the values from col7 into a list doesn't seem to work as a valid input in matplotlib. Is there a way to convert my list of values so they are readable in matplotlib??

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import csv
import numpy as np

res = csv.reader(open('StabilityResults.csv'), delimiter=',') # do not read header

mut = []
tot = [] 
a = 0
width = 0.2

for col in res:
    a += 1

ind = arange(a)

p1 =,tot,width,color='r')
labs = plt.xticks(ind+width,mut)

I also reading column7 using numpy's genfromtxt function but this gave an array which also didnt work.

tot2 = np.genfromtxt('StabilityResults.csv', delimiter=',', dtype=None, names=True, deletechars=',', usecols=[7])



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Normally with genfromtxt it should work. What error message dit you get? –  joris Mar 30 '11 at 14:21

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You should convert the data to integer type (or float)

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You append the content of col list, which is text. You will have to convert it to int or float:

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Corrected, Sat. –  sat_s Mar 30 '11 at 11:12
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Ahh, should've spent more time. Similar to Manuel's answer, I just added a temporary holder to convert to a float in the for loop:

for col in res:
    tmp_tot = float(col[7])

Both ways work!


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