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Have a portal which uses forms authentication LoginUrl=Login.aspx DefaultUrl=Default.aspx

User credentials are in db... So during login, we get all the user credentials - so we reach db, user authenticated (Fidler shows http 302 for default.aspx), redirect to deault.aspx and back to login page again as we don't authenticated but we do IT!!!

have 4 machines on the project - 3 works ok - mine - not! Compare all the data - I have the same web config, iis setting etc

what it could be?


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If you have a web farm you need to ensure that all servers in the farm share the same machineKey because if you have autogenerated and different machine keys the authentication ticket might not be properly decrypted.

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Did you set a domain on the forms element in the web.config file? If so, the request url must be within the domain or forms authentication just wont work. Localhost won't work either.

If you're testing on a development system you may want to add a fully qualified domain name to the hosts file ( [SystemDrive]:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\hosts ).

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so, I fixed the problem... the reason - my inattention...

so, I use fiddler again to analyze my requests/responses... so, 1) go to Default 2)redirect to Login and input login-password 3)the user found in db - FormAuthentication ticket created 4)redirect to Default 5) User became non-authenticated and move back to login page....

so Fiddler shows that on step 3 cookies created and debug shows that the user authenticated. But no cookie passed to Dfeault page. I found that cookies from Login page has "secure" mark. It means that I have requireSSL=true property in webconfig... but requireSSL has value false on default... so, something overwrites it... I found one more config file in folder of top level with requireSSL=true... when I remove top-level config file - everything start work fine...

surely standard situation to miss someting... but such interesting effect I see first time - to do authentication and its break during redirect to default page - may be it helps somebody to save his/her time in further...

but anyway - thanks the people answer me for the problem :)

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