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I'm trying to get a pop up text box, with some disclaimer and app info at the start of my Android application's launch. Does anyone know how to implement this? Also could it read from a txt file?


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If you want a Popup that closes automatically, you should look for Toasts. But if you want a dialog that the user has to close first before proceeding, you should look for a Dialog.

For both approaches it is possible to read a text file with the text you want to display. But you could also hardcode the text or use R.String to set the text.

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You can use Dialog to create this easily

create a Dialog instance using the context

Dialog dialog = new Dialog(contex);

You can design your layout as u like.

You can add this layout to your dialog by dialog.setContentView(R.layout.popupview);//popup view is the layout you created

then you can access its content (textviews, etc.) by using findViewById method

TextView txt = (TextView)dialog.findViewById(R.id.textbox);

you can add any text here. the text can be stored in the String.xml file in res\values.


then finally show the pop up menu


more information http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/dialogs.html


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