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With C++ how do i launch an exe/process with stdin stdout and stderr? I know how to do this in .NET and i remember using popen in the past but popen seems to allow stdin OR stdout not both and not all 3.

I need this for windows but a linux solution is welcome as i'll need it for the same project in the future.

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For windows, look at Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output

For unix, look at this sample.

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Would be nicer to place the code sample inline. – Loki Astari Mar 30 '11 at 15:49

You shoud use CreateProcess from WinApi. It takes as argument an object of struct STARTUP_INFO type. You can set hStdin, hStdout, and hStderr fields of the object to redirect those streams of child process to file handles you want (file, pipe, socket...)

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A portable solution would be boost.process

(Note: this has been proposed as a Boost library, and released under the same license terms, but not officially accepted. See also Where is Boost.Process?)

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