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I have a long list like this


I want to use regex search and replace to change every line to something like this

sb.AppendLine("product.product_id " + product.product_id.Length.ToString())

Is this possible to do with regex search and replace?

What do I put in the search box and what to I put in the replace box?

Is it possible to use your match from the match box in the replace box?

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Yes it is possible, using capturing parentheses.

I assume that product_id is variable.



sb.AppendLine("product.$1 " + product.$1.Length.ToString())
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merci bpiere!!! –  ctrlShiftBryan Mar 30 '11 at 13:03
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in vb .net

Dim str As String str = "sb.AppendLine(product.product_id.Length.ToString())"

Dim RegexObj As Regex RegexObj = New Regex("^sb.AppendLine((.*).Length.ToString())$")

Dim res As String res = RegexObj.Replace(str, "sb.AppendLine(""$1"" + product.product_id.Length.ToString())")

in c# .net

string str = null; str = "sb.AppendLine(product.product_id.Length.ToString())";

Regex RegexObj = default(Regex); RegexObj = new Regex("^sb\.AppendLine\((.*)\.Length\.ToString\(\)\)$");

string res = null; res = RegexObj.Replace(str, "sb.AppendLine(\"$1\" + product.product_id.Length.ToString())");

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When you post code, try to format it in code blocks. You can do that by indenting each line 4 or more spaces, wrapping it in ` characters, or just highlighting it and clicking the { } button on the editor. –  Justin Morgan Mar 30 '11 at 13:35
Thanks Justin, I didn't know that. –  Angelom Mar 30 '11 at 18:44
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