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    const GUID *pguidCmdGroup, DWORD nCmdID,
    DWORD nCmdExecOpt, VARIANTARG *pvaIn, VARIANTARG *pvaOut)
  CProfileEdit dlg;
  return S_OK;

CTestAddIn is a subclass of IOleCommandTarget and a few others required to get my plugin to work. This code executes when I click the button added to the IE toolbar. The call to DoModal gives me an assertion message referring me to objcore.cpp on line 40:

BOOL CObject::IsKindOf(const CRuntimeClass* pClass) const
    ENSURE(this != NULL);

I think the problem is that MFC is attempting to load resources from IE instead of my DLL (every time I check while debugging it cannot find the dialog template string). The call to AFX_MANAGE_STATE is said to fix this according to a post on the MSDN forum, or have I put this in the wrong place?

Am I better off putting the MFC code in another DLL to load or avoiding MFC altogether?

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There isn't enough info here. Can you post the entire stack where you hit this assert? Also, I vote for avoiding MFC. –  i_am_jorf Mar 30 '11 at 15:49
I decided to just do plain old CreateDialog with calls to GetDlgItem and etc to handle the fields. Is this safe or am I going to run into problems? –  Tatsh Mar 31 '11 at 3:24

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