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In Xcode 3, project.xcdatamodel had three panes (Entities, Properties, and Detail) along the top with a graphical thing for looking at your data model (Diagram view). If I wanted to, for example, make my isOverdue attribute Transient, I'd just go up to whichever one of those panels has that option (I never did Core Data before Xcode 4) and be done with it. Xcode 4 is a pretty dramatic change from Xcode 3, and I can't find the button or menu to do the same thing. The Version Editor lets you look at the source code, but it's locked for editing, and I can't imagine that as being the only option.

Google doesn't have anything relevant with any searches I can come up with, and right-clicking on everything hasn't helped at all.

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Look at the three buttons at the top-right of the toolbar. The right-most (that looks like a shaded right-hand pane) reveals the Utility pane. Make sure the data model is selected in the project navigator. From the Utility pane's toolbar, choose the database-looking icon (the right-most one). All the options are found there.

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I knew it was something simple. I opened that pane before, but never clicked the button at the top. Thanks. – Thromordyn Mar 30 '11 at 14:40
Most of Xcode 4's learning curve is finding where things got to (and discovering things that are missing). – Joshua Nozzi Mar 30 '11 at 14:51

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