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In a Windows device driver:

  • per-driver information is stored in global variables
  • per-device information is stored in the DEVICE_OBJECT.DeviceExtension

As far as I understand, a CreateFile constructs a FILE_OBJECT in the kernel space, so each open instance of a device has its own FILE_OBJECT. If so, can I keep my per-instance information in the IO_STACK_LOCATION.FileObject.FsContext field?

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Reading the FsContext discription of the MSDN page says yes for FDOs and no for other types of drivers.

NB: Do you implement your own IRP_MJ_CREATE function? If yes, you may use the member, due to you being the creator of the file object.

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Re implementing your own IRP_MJ_CREATE, great point. That seems to be precisely the distinction between when you should and shouldn't use FsContext. –  Ilya Mar 30 '11 at 14:45

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