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I need a reference please to a multiple routing keys binded queue.
You see, I created a queue and binded it once with


and another time with yet again


until i got this two bindings on the same queue.
but upon publishing - only the first bounded message was transfered successfully.
(I even replaced the orders and still - only the first. so my publishing is ok)

What i didnt do - is define the channel.basicConsumer with a new subscriber.
should I do it ? I want the old subsciver to get more messages. what did I do wrong?

Here is a list of my queues is
you can see that amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA== is binded to two keys.

but the message goes only to the first key

 Listing queues ...
 amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        0
 amq.gen-sgZK0bSc0W3QEXda8m1vIQ==        0
 PositionsQueue  1

rabbitmqctl.bat list_bindings

Listing bindings ...
    exchange        PositionsQueue  queue   PositionsQueue  []
    exchange        amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue   amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==
    exchange        amq.gen-sgZK0bSc0W3QEXda8m1vIQ==        queue   amq.gen-    sgZK0bSc0W3QEXda8m1vIQ==
    Positions_Exchange      exchange        amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue   Account:Account1
    Positions_Exchange      exchange        amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue   Portfolio:Portfolio1

10x a lot



    channel.basicPublish(exchangeName, routingKey, MessageProperties.MINIMAL_BASIC, messageBodyBytes);


channel.exchangeDeclare(exchangeName, "direct", durable);
QueueName = channel.queueDeclare(queueName, durable, exclusive, autoDelete, arguments).getQueue();
channel.queueBind(queueName, exchangeName, routingKey);

boolean noAck = false;
queueingConsumer = new QueueingConsumer(channel);
channel.basicConsume(queueName, noAck, queueingConsumer);
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First, I'm sorry. Maybe my sentence is not clear for you because I'm Korean. But I will try.

I think you setting the direct type right?

Direct type compare only routingKey.

So i think, Account:Account1 is your routingKey

If you want send message to queues,

use fanout for exchangeType

at that time you set the same exchangeName binding the queue

Sorry but you can understand kk

And last, if you don't understand my sentence, put the message

I will put some examples.

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You can follow this way:

channel.queueBind(queueName, exchangeName, "k1"); //k1 is first routing key

channel.queueBind(queueName, exchangeName, "k2"); //k2 is second routing key

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