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I am trying to pass data between the viewcontrollers of a uitabbarcontroller using a singleton class as below:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface AppSingleton : NSObject {

    NSMutableString *selectedStr;
@property(nonatomic,retain) NSMutableString *selectedStr;
+(AppSingleton*) sharedAppInstance;

Here is my implementation file:

#import "AppSingleton.h"
@implementation AppSingleton
@synthesize selectedStr;

+(AppSingleton*) sharedAppInstance{
    static AppSingleton *sharedAppInstance;

            sharedAppInstance = [[AppSingleton alloc] init];

    return sharedAppInstance;

    [selectedStr release];
    [super dealloc];

I try to set the selectedStr in one of my viewcontrollers as below and print it in the NSLog however I get a null:

    AppSingleton *sharedAppInstance;//in the header

    sharedAppInstance = [AppSingleton sharedAppInstance];//in viewdidload

[sharedAppInstance setSelectedStr:self.someStr];
        NSLog(@"selectedStr is: %@", sharedAppInstance.selectedStr);

When I debug this, the sharedAppInstance.selectedStr seems to be out of scope. I would like to know where I am making a mistake. Thank you.

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I changed the placing of the setting/getting of my variable within the viewcontroller and it worked..

[sharedAppInstance setSelectedStr:self.someStr];
        NSLog(@"selectedStr is: %@", sharedAppInstance.selectedStr);
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