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this is a more or less theoretical question: When I write Software and don't want to release the my sourcecode can I choose the BSD license? I want that people can do with it whatever they want, but just with the binary I released. I'm kinda confused here, b/c it's listed at GPL compatible license. Or is it just GPL compatible if i also release the sourcecode? Thx in advance!

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Um... there's a reason these are all referred to as "open source" licenses... –  Peter Hansen Mar 30 '11 at 15:20

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If you don't want to release the source code, then yes you can choose the BSD license and people can do what they want with the binary as long as they attribute the copyright to you. This, however, wouldn't make a lot of sense as the license is an Open Source license, to facilitate the distribution and integration of the source and associated binaries. If you are only releasing a binary, then there isn't much point in releasing it under the BSD license.

That said, although the BSD license may not be the most suitable, lots of people do have reasonable confidence in the legality of the copyright attribution requirements, permissions granted and the disclaimer. Therefore, in the absence of an alternative binary distribution only license, it would be a reasonable license to go for.

The modified BSD license is compatible with the GPL, but separate from it. This means that BSD Licensed code can be used with GPL code, but If you only release the binary under the BSD license, then you don't need to worry about the GPL license, as the GPL is all about keeping the source code open, and hence doesn't apply.

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well written :) –  Philippe Ombredanne Apr 1 '11 at 19:43

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