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I want to see class, function and variable/property, dependencies visually, like NDepend, but for ActionScript 2 or AS3 code.

Any programs or ideas?

Use Doxygen in some way?


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Download Structure101g and select the Actionscript flavor after installing the software.

I've confirmed that it is able to map out class level and even function call dependencies in Flex/AS3 projects, and generate a visual map of the same.

Take a look at the attached screenshot.

alt text

Hope that helps.

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+550 - Thank you for exploring this software and confirming that it can do function level mapping. I suppose Structure101 could do the same for C++ and Java code. Nice. Congrats on winning the bounty! Thanks for helping. –  Jarvis Mar 19 '10 at 7:24

Far from a complete solution, but to start you may want to use flex SDK ASDoc to generate the class path structure in a single XML (thanks to the -keep-xml -skip-xsl arguments).

Thereafter you could probably get a nice result if you have a play with graphviz (http://www.graphviz.org/Resources.php).

Automating it all via ANT and you're sorted ; )

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The Flex SDK compilers have a -link-report argument that will give you some good information about the classes compiled into the SWF and their dependencies.

See Examining Linker Dependencies from the Flex 3 documentation for more information.

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I was going to post a link to Big Kahuna Burger's Link Report Visualizer, but I see that darrinm has found a much better tool.

Still, could be of some use


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ItDepends, a Visual browser for class and package dependencies in Flex applications.

It lacks the visualization capabilities of NDepends but its a big step up from trying to make sense of link reports. Its source is there so if one was sufficiently motivated it could be extended with visualizations.

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At runtime you an also get information about individual classes via the describeType method (Part of flash.utils). It returns an XML document that describes the class you give to it.

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Look at this application: http://evgeniy-polyakov.github.io/link-report-analyzer/. It allows to find nested and circular dependencies in link report.

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