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Alright it can be a lame question, but everybody uses these things differently. What's some of the best time savers out there for this IDE.



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NOT so hidden feature ,but very less people use it and do not explore it Template Key board shortcut

and Alex has explained about Member sort

Move lines


If you are using the F3 key to navigate to the source code of a method, you could often waste your time to switch to the the Interface instead of going directly to the implementation class (there is often only one, for DAO, Service,... for example)

Using Ctrl+Mouse pointer to one method of the code, you will be able to choose between directly going to the Directly go to the Implementation (the class) or the Declaration (the interface)

More info about this tip here:

This is only available in Galileo and you can use Ctrl + T as well for the same.


When debugging I find the "Display" view really useful. It lets you type code (using auto complete) and lets you run/display the outcome of whatever you write.

Give it a try!


CTRL + b: to build the project under c++

CTRL + SHIFT + f: to format your code (c++)

CTRL + b is also useful in Java: I add ant builders to my projects, and CTRL + b runs my ant scripts. So normally Eclipse just auto-builds the code, but if I want something more to happen (e.g. javadoc or deployment to a test server), CTRL + b. – Harold L Jul 30 '09 at 6:18

Of course all these shortcuts are available in the menus but who has time for that when you're in the "zone".

I like the code hot swapping.


Of course if you can't find the binding you are looking for, or don't like the current binding Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys will allow you to change, add & delete the mappings of your key combo's.


If you build your project with Ant you can assign a shortcut to "Runs the last launched external Tool" like Ctrl+Enter and it will repeat your last build. It is much easier than standard Alt+Shift+X,Q also it helps with a bug in the latest Eclipse that cannot find an ant build file in the project.


I'm really biased and this is blatant advertising...

Still, I think my new Eclipse plugin, nWire, is the best time saver you can get for Eclipse. I developed it after years of working with Eclipse, I just came to the conclusion that I need one tool to show me all the associations of my code instead of learning different tools and views.

Check out the demo on my web site.


Enabling 'Ignore white space' in the Compare/Patch settings is a real time saver!


Hit CTRL+S very often. It's CTRL+1's best friend.


I'm surprised no one mentioned the Emacs keybinding setting available in Eclipse. This is one of my favorite little features; it allows me to transition from Emacs to Eclipse with little adjustment in my navigation preferences.






Alt + C

for SVN Commit

Alt + U

for SVN Update

Shift + Ctrl + N

for New Class Dialog.


The eclipse help contains a lot of useful resources. Just search for "tips & tricks". In particular the "Tips and Tricks (JDT)" i found to be very useful.


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