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I have an exe that I have to run every time I build a project or the entire solution in VS2010. Can I automate this process somehow using Powershell? I've not used Powershell before, but have seen it do a lot of cool things and am hoping that this would be one of those things. :)


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In the project properties there is "Build Events" tab and you can set it so the exe will get called after the build process. MSDN has an article that should help:

How to: Specify Build Events (C#)

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Yeah, you just want to use the Build setting. To get PowerShell to run an exe you'd have to use the build event to run PowerShell anyway... –  Jaykul Mar 30 '11 at 18:14

Build events will be fine for you, probably. However, you could look at StudioShell - it is PowerShell in VisualStudio that accesses VS internals in a clever way (providers). There are some examples and video that will tell you more.

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