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I have a class that inherits from a base class. This base class exposes an event that can be handled within the child class. I'm trying to create a library which is as de-coupled as possible and was wondering how I can program it so that I can instantiate my library object within the child class but route the inherited event into the the library object.

Specifically, I'm creating a Windows Phone 7 project in Silverlight. I have a standard XAML page and am handling the Touch.FrameReported event. What I'd like to do is have my external library object handle the Touch.FrameReported event on behalf of any page that instantiates it. This way, any new page I create that instantiates my library object can have that library object handle the event rather than copying the handling code in every XAML page.

I hope my post isn't confusing :)

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Have you considered using something like the EventAggregator found in PRISM v4 or the Messenger in MVVM Light. Both would provide an event messaging infrastructure allowing you to decouple your views.

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Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment, I don't understand MVVM to a good enough degree to convert my current project to that pattern and with the deadline coming up, it's be best for me to stick with my current method. –  XSL Mar 30 '11 at 16:40
You don't have to use the whole library or make your app MVVM. You could just use the Messenger functionality. –  Rus Mar 30 '11 at 16:43

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