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I am trying to run a selector that has a large number of element ids to match but in IE8 i keep getting the error: object doesnt support this property or method.

The jquery is like this:

var elements = $('#182,#183,#184,#185,#211,#212,#213,#214,#220,#221,

The actual query is actually longer and the ids are not sequential. I have broken up the list into smaller parts and run each part separately. All of the smaller selectors run fine.

I was wondering if there is a way i could use one selector?

As Requested here is an example of the markup but there is hundreds of rows in reality:

<table id="ListTable">
<tr id="1" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="2" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="3" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="4" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="95" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="5" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="6" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="7" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="8" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="9" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="10" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="11" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="82" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="83" style="display: none;"></tr>
<tr id="84" style="display: none;"></tr>
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can you show your HTML markup? – hunter Mar 30 '11 at 16:24

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put a class on each of those elements with ids(btw don't use ids with just numbers. make them a bit more descriptive and just parse them with substring) and call that class instead so you'll get an array of those elements:


say you wanted to select:

<input id="#example_182" class="example" />
<input id="#example_125" class="example" />
<input id="#example_252" class="example" />
<input id="#example_183" class="example" />
<input id="#example_345" class="example" />
<input id="#example_456" class="example" />

you can then select them all using:


then if you wanted to get their ids loop through example and then do a substring

$(".example").each(function(ex) {
   myid = $(this).attr("id").substring(8)

*note, you better check the documentation for each, im not actually sure that's the syntax

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Thanks @corroded but that does not do what I need directly, the list of ids are the ids of rows in a table. I want to show/hide a number of rows based on a value from a select element. Lets say the user selects the option group1 from a select element I then want to hide all the ids related to that group (which i store in a javascript array). I build the selector above and then hide the list. I may add a class to each row element that identifies the goup its related to. which will probably get around the issue. However i just wanted to see if anyone knew away around this limitation? – Dave Apr 1 '11 at 10:33
it was just an exmaple since i didn't know which kind of elements you needed the classes and ids. but wasn't my suggestion correct for you? – corroded Apr 1 '11 at 10:36
I decided to follow @corroded lead and add classes to the divs that represent the groups rows are related to eachother. – Dave Apr 4 '11 at 9:14

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