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I'd like to pick up QT for some future projects and I would like to know, what are some important concepts to keep in mind when developing in QT? I can see the concept of signals and slots vs. wxwidget's events as something pretty important to get a good understanding of, so what other concept for QT are important that are not in wxWidgets?

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The only real magic is signals/slots

There are a few other differences, Qt generally uses more modern C++ constructs than wx which is a bit more MFC era. But like most guis it's just a matter of learning the control->widget->window hierarchy.

It is worth getting the Qt4 book or at least reading the free Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4

Depends on what platform you are using but check out Qt Creator or if you are using MSVC the qt-addin. The drag-drop dialog layout still isn't as nice as wxDesigner (IMHO) I usually endup coding most of the window, toolbar etc layout in c++

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+1 Good answer. – Nathan Osman Mar 30 '11 at 18:09

There's a decent GUI designer for Qt. Compared to hand-coding, it's faster to use this during both initial development and maintenance.

Errors in signal-slot connections are detected at run-time.

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