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I'm developing a web application where I use the google directions api. My first solution was to give the server side some parameters from the client, and from there with an http-request I retrieved a xml-output, processed it and sent the results back to the client.

After a while we were blocked by google, that's what happens if you skim through the terms ;)

New solution: Retrieve the route from the client side with an xmlhttprequest. Experienced great headache while trying to beat the darn access-control-allow-origin.. Tried using jsonp, without really knowing what I was doing (not a client-side-guy...) without success.

I've tried using the google js-api.. but that got messy real quick (trying to convert the json to xml etc..). The thing is, I want this to work on mobile devices too, and I would like an open api for my service, so my first REST-like-solution was perfect.

To sum up: I need the route data on server side - I don't want to get an ip block from google

Somebody must have dealt with a similar problem before! What is a good way to solve this mess, what's the best practice here?

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