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I am building a rails app using the wonderful activemerchant gem to save credit card information in Trustcommerce Citadel for future transaction. I am currently able to send in hash of billing address and credit card information to save in Citadel, but I am kind of puzzled as to how I might retrieve the BillingID that is generated and saved in Citadel for future use. That is, I want to retrieve the BillingID to save in my own database so that the user is able to locate his/her information in the future. Has anybody had experience with this? Thanks

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authorize() method returns "transid", but I am wondering if store() returns "billingid". Does store() method not return anything? Thanks – railslearner Mar 31 '11 at 0:57
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I got it to work.

store() method returns "billingid" from Trustcommerce Vault for retrieval. use params['billingid'] to retrieve the id.

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